my favourite room.

TAKE an exclusive look into some of my friends and clients ‘Favourite Room’ from stunning bedrooms, living spaces, kitchens, work environments and even hallways! You might even pick up a few ideas for your own homes. If you’d like to have your Favourite Room featured, drop me a line and invite me in!

Diana Palmer


With 360° views of Sydney Harbour, it’s no wonder Diana Palmer has chosen to work from her Darling Point home. Now in the second year of running her ‘dream job’ – an art consultancy business Palmer Art Projects – Diana spends most of her working days in her designated work space, her favourite space. Situated just past the entrance and through the living room, Diana’s workspace is filled with all her favourite things: art (of course), antique family heirlooms and beautiful furniture. We took a peek inside her home and stayed for lunch!!

What is your favourite room in your house?


It is definitely my work space. I have my glass-topped tressle table desk, my art – which helps me concentrate ¬– and the skyline of the CBD.

Why is it your favourite room?

I am so lucky to have started and work in a business I just love! Sometimes, I can’t believe I’m actually here. My workspace makes me happy and that’s why it is my favourite space. I have beautiful art work around me, I always have flowers and some gorgeous silver cups which belonged to my husband’s grandmother on my desk. I’m always changing the artwork around so the room is always evolving. My desk has lovely antique trestles and my chair – which is probably not good for me – is a gorgeous outdoor iron chair. The whole combination is perfect.

How does your favourite room represent who you are?


To a large degree the business is who I am. Everything in my workspace represents me, my love of colour, contemporary art – sometimes crazy but always beautiful. I love reading so there is a bookshelf and an antique newspaper holder under my desk.

What do you like most about your favourite room?

I’d have to say the light. The room faces north-west and so all day the room is filled with beautiful sunshine. I look at the Harbour Bridge, city skyline, watch the boats come in and out, I really am astounded! It’s a pleasure to sit at my desk.

If you could invite anyone into your favourite room, who would it be?


It would be my Dad. He died before I got married and started my business. I’d love to have him over for lunch.

What would you change about your favourite room?

I’d LOVE to paint it. At the moment it is just white; my husband won’t let me change it! I’d paint the room Swedish grey/blue. I’d also put in organised filing somehow, maybe a beautiful cabinet that was all mine, and then I’d add a wall of bookshelves.

What advice would you give on how to create the perfect space?


It takes a long time to create that perfect space. I don’t believe that just by having a designer through and having the right furniture make it perfect. It takes time to collect all the pieces important to you. Everything has a story.

Art Acknowledgement:
Andre Hemer
Miranda Skoczek
Alex Seton
Eloise Cato
Judy Millar
Alice Couttoupes

Gillie & Marc


It’s a story that could have been lifted straight from a romantic comedy, but for Marc and Gillie it’s the wonderful story of their lives; filled with love and a shared passion for art. The dynamic duo has carved a niche in the contemporary art scene, creating pieces that inspire, bring joy and have a quirky twist.

It was fate – and a love for art – that brought these two together and they have manifested and expressed this love every day for over two decades, building and creating their own world, one art piece at a time. Together they embrace all art mediums; painting, sculpture, video, photography and more.

Gillie and Marc invited me into their wonderful work studio in Alexandria and shared their thoughts on their favourite space.


What is your favourite room in your studio?

Gillie & Marc 1

We just love our studio! It has two floors with high ceilings. Huge and expansive with loads of shelving to showcase our work. But my favourite space is the centre of the upstairs section where we sit and meet with our customers and visitors.


Why is it your favourite space?

It’s a beautiful spot as we are surrounded by all we have created, our work. It’s truly special. We have a 180 degree view of our creations, all the things we love. It’s just wonderful to see our passion come to life.


How does your favourite space represent who you are?

Gillie & Marc 4

Everything in here is our creation and it represents the bond Marc and I have. We still sit up every night talking about ideas and the ways we can create those ideas. It represents our unity. It has been a long journey and now we have arrived at this place. This is what we love, art has kept us on this path and we are very lucky and grateful.


What do you like most about your favourite room?

Our clients give us feedback, it is a big part of our lives. And, the feedback we invariably get is that our art makes them happy. So, when I look around here, it makes me smile. There is a lot of fun in our creations. We are a little bit quirky and a little silly and we certainly don’t take life seriously. Overall our art is positive and sitting here in this space reminds me of all of that.


If you could invite anyone into your favourite space, who would it be?

Gillie & Marc 3

We have a lot of admirers who are fellow artists and they are all welcome. But really, I’d invite anyone into our studio who appreciates art. We welcome anyone who embraces art and can connect to us.


What would you change about your favourite space?

We always want more space! Everyday, we dream up new ideas and more space would be great!


What advice would you give on how to create the perfect space?

Gillie & Marc 2

I don’t have any specific advice, each to their own really. But for Marc and I, because we love creating spaces and undertaking home renovations, our approach as artists is to incorporate all aspects of the interior design in an artistic manner. The furniture and interior has to tie in well with the art you already have. Incorporate all that make you happy and create a warm atmosphere. We also like creating airy rooms with high ceilings. And, remove the clutter!

Howard Steeves & Simon Cary


When you enter the home of Howard Steeves and Simon Cary you might just forget you’re in Woollahra! The European ambience of this three-storey townhouse is the couple’s refuge from the bustle of Sydney. Having lived in their home of five years, Howard and Simon have transformed it into a stylish & elegant home. While they worked with Sydney interior designer Marco Meneguzzi, the two have added their own touches to make their home a reflection of themselves. I was invited in to spend some ‘down time’ in their beautiful courtyard.


What is your favourite room in your house?

Howard Steeves 1

The courtyard! It’s large (about 80m2), north-facing with a beautiful fountain; we also have an outdoor BBQ cooking area – and great seating and dining.


Why is it your favourite room?

We just love to entertain and the courtyard is perfect for having friends over for a meal, drinks and great conversation. It opens up from the dining and kitchen via French doors so it really is like an extension to the house. As it’s protected from the elements, we can entertain three seasons of the year.


How does your favourite room represent who you are?

We both have very chaotic work lives so it’s nice to have a quiet place to decompress after a long day. The house is very European and the courtyard has a Tuscan feel to it. We holiday in Europe once a year so the courtyard reflects our love of travel and we both love the outdoors.


What do you like most about your favourite room?

Howard Steeves 2

When we’re sitting out in the courtyard, it really is our little oasis. It is separated by two Oak gates, so it is very private. We can’t hear any noise from the street, no traffic. The European feel is wonderful and it is just expansive and lovely.


If you could invite anyone into your favourite room, who would it be?

Princess Diana!


What would you change about your favourite room?

Absolutely nothing. Well, maybe to have the gates open up to a beautiful view in France!


What advice would you give on how to create the perfect space?

Howard Steeves 3

Work to your priorities. Choose a place you can showcase the pieces that mean something to you such as your antiques, art and other collectibles. As a stylist/costumer (see Howard’s work here) I know how important it is to create the perfect look.


Tina Clark


THEY say necessity is the mother of invention, and it certainly is the case for Tina Clark. (You’ll get that pun in a minute)! This highly successful stockbroker and mother of two beautiful girls – Sabine and Gigi – searched in vain for two years to find just the right storage boxes for her collection of clothes, shoes and accessories. So, what did she do? Design her own gorgeous yet functional brand of storage boxes, Sagitine. Her unique line of ‘wardrobe care’ has only just been launched and has been a smashing hit. So it comes as no surprise, her favourite room is her bedroom-cum-wardrobe. Tina invited us into her favourite space to be enthralled by her ingenuity.


What is your favourite room in your house?

Tina Clark 1

I love my bedroom. It is very sunny and light and looks out into my lush garden. I can hear the waves, it’s a far cry from living in Hong Kong.


Why is it your favourite room?

It’s my little sanctuary, away from the kids’ mess! I have blockout blinds, which allows me to have a deep rest. And, most importantly it is filled with my boxes, which are basically part of the furniture. I have a stand of 30 boxes, ‘The Sydney’ which is two-metres high. It looks lovely and has curved leather handles. It really goes well with my Art Deco chest of drawers from the 1920’s. I also have a stack of ‘Marrakesh’ boxes for my large sweaters. Again, these boxes have great curves and are very pretty.


How does your bedroom room represent who you are?

Tina Clark 2

I love art and every single space is filled with art. It is a relaxing room, low key and filled with my beautiful boxes. I also love Art Deco; clothes jewellery, furniture. My boxes remind of the old steamer trucks used in days gone by when people had proper luggage. I love the old fashioned look.

What do you like most about your bedroom?

I love the outlook into the garden. There are black and white tiles in the courtyard and it is just lush. I have a great view of Tamarama beach.


If you could invite anyone into your bedroom, who would it be?

Without a second thought, it would be Rob Lowe! I met him in Paris in 2010, on the street when I was 6 months pregnant. We chatted or half an hour and he was so nice. I even confessed to him he was my longest crush – ever since St Elmo’s Fire!


What would you change about your bedroom?

Tina Clark 3

I’d add a walk-in wardrobe so that I could display all my boxes and there would be lots of space to see them. I’d finally have the proper space for everything fit in perfectly.


What advice would you give on how to create the perfect space?

I’d say you need to live in it before you do anything so you can see how the light works. Also, don’t buy anything for a short-term fix. You should buy furniture you can keep and use for the rest of your life. If you need to, save up and buy a good piece rather than waste money on crappy piece.