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TAKE an exclusive look into some of my friends and clients ‘Favourite Room’ from stunning bedrooms, living spaces, kitchens, work environments and even hallways! You might even pick up a few ideas for your own homes. If you’d like to have your Favourite Room featured, drop me a line and invite me in!

Jan Logan


Jan Logan (2 of 6)

For jewellery designer, Jan Logan, relaxing in her “sanctuary” – her living room – is one of life’s greatest treasures. Jan, who has lived in her Paddington terrace for over 20 years, loves the feeling of tranquillity which she gets from spending time in her favourite room. Her two-story (plus attic) home is situated on a wide, tree-lined, private and quiet cul-de-sac. While she lives alone, her “welcoming” home is often bustling with the friends, family and her eight grandchildren.

What is your favourite room in your house?

Jan Logan (1 of 6)

My favourite room is the living room/atrium, which opens into the courtyard at the back of the terrace.

Why is it your favourite room?

Jan Logan (3 of 6)

It is such a peaceful, relaxing and harmonious space. The room carries on from the kitchen area and opens into the atrium. It is contiguous and works well with the flow of the house. It is filled with beautiful artworks, books, the TV, music and my piano. It’s just lovely and relaxing.

How does your favourite room represent who you are?

Jan Logan (4 of 6)

I’m originally from the country, Narrabri, and I think this room reflects my background. It is a Country style home with polished wood floors. It has a very relaxed feel and is full of things I’ve collected over the years. It certainly isn’t minimal. Some of the items include blue and white porcelain from the East, two lovely wooden trunks and an old oak dining table which I originally brought up from the country. We’ll be using it on Christmas Day – I am hosting lunch for 14! The colour scheme is ivory – clean and crisp.

What do you like most about your favourite room?

Jan Logan (5 of 6)

I love the painting I have hung up, but the item I cannot live without is a sculpture carved by my son made from an iron bark from the country (His work can be found at

If you could invite anyone into your favourite room, who would it be?

I’d love to invite Bob Geldof. I’ve seen him interviewed frequently and he is very articulate. I think he would be very articulate, interesting and good company.

What would you change about your favourite room?

Nothing, I love it all, it’s perfect. 

What advice would you give on how to create the perfect space?

I think it’s nice to have light and to have comfort.

Peter Hickey


Peter Hickey 3

FINDING the perfect place to get inspired to create masterpieces is no mean feat. So, when illustrious Australian artist Peter Hickey stumbled across his now studio in Alexandria, he snapped up the space without a second thought. This industrial creative space was the perfect find for Peter to paint, sculpt, etch and produce all other types of art – his life’s work. In a low- rise building, opposite McEvoy St, there is an abundance of natural light.

Is your studio your favourite space?

Yes! My studio is my sanctuary. I am very happy here. I work here seven days a week, and it is the perfect place to paint. I’m completely undisturbed, as no-one knows I’m here! I’d say only about six people have ever been inside my studio. It really is my haven.
Peter Hickey 4

Why is it your favourite space?

My studio is full of all my favourite things; my painting, knick-knacks from my travels, photos. I have my archives from when I lived in Italy, New York, London, Paris, Japan. All these are special memories and represent these special places and times in my life.

How does your studio represent who you are?

It really inspires memories, places I’ve been, things I’ve collected – it’s is just full of ME!
Peter Hickey 5

What do you like most about your studio?

The light! The studio is flooded with natural light. Also, very rarely do I have to turn on the air conditioning. The studio is very spacious – the perfect size. I’ve had studios all around the world, and this one equals the waterfront studio I had in Seaforth. It was magical.

If you could invite anyone into your studio, who would it be and why?

My wife Lesley – my critic and my muse! She’s only allowed in at certain times, when I’m just about finished a piece and I like to get her opinion (and she’s usually right!).

If I could invite an artist I’d love to have Sydney Long or Norman Lindsay as I think they’d be able to relate to the art I create. Technically, we are very similar.
Peter Hickey 1

What would you change about your studio?

NOTHING! It is perfect. I’d like to be here for at least another 10 years.

What advice would you give on how to create the perfect space?

Trust to yourself and do what YOU want, not what you think others might want. Make your space your sanctuary.

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Richard Martin


richard martin Fav room (4 of 7)

In a two-storey Paddington terrace hides an artistic jewel. On the ground floor, Richard Martin’s gallery is filled with contemporary artworks. He hosts exhibitions and conducts all his business from his gallery. However, it’s on the first floor where he calls home. After a 30-year corporate career, Richard decided to follow his passion: ART and has built a successful and rewarding career in the art world. While downstairs is filled with art, Richard’s living area is also bursting with eclectic pieces due to being an avid art collector and artist himself. Richard invited me into his private sanctuary.

What is your favourite room in your house?

It is the living room. Bright and light, I’ve filled it with my favourite art pieces. There’s also a great northern view of Trumper Park.

richard martin Fav room (1 of 7)

Why is it your favourite room?

The lounge room is marvellous, so uplifting. I feel very inspired when I’m in the room. I feel relaxed and it’s easy to unwind here. It’s also a great place to entertain. Last week, I had a showing downstairs and invited 40 friends for drinks and canapés. There’s such a lovely feel here!

How does your favourite room represent who you are?

Art is my life passion; it represents who I am. I love having art all around me and I have filled this room with all my favourite pieces. It’s such a nice environment, it fills me with joy. I’m an art collector first before an art dealer, and have sourced all the pieces in this lounge room personally. If you have a passion, I’d encourage anyone to follow their heart. I’m so lucky I am able to do that.

Some of the pieces in here include the 1965 coffee table, a sculpture by Evan Penny, a black and white by Brett Whiteley (my favourite) and a lot of 3D pieces.

What do you like most about your living room?

The whole feel; it’s so uplifting.

If you could invite anyone into your living room, who would it be?

Could you imagine having Picasso and Brett Whiteley here! We’d have a conversation about art, have some drinks and a great meal. Then collaborate on artwork. How good would that be!
richard martin Fav room (6 of 7)

What would you change about your favourite room?

I am comfortable with change and I occasionally move things around. I do have favourites that I’ve owned for years. If I were to change one thing, it would be to have more wall space.

What advice would you give on how to create the perfect space?

It is important to surround yourself with things you love. People often ask me, ‘Can I put that with that’, and I answer as long as you identify with it, then you should do what makes you feel good as you are the one living in the place. It comes down to one thing; love.

Nick Eddy


Nick Eddy

TUCKED away in an Art Deco apartment block in Woollahra is a piece of tranquillity for Sydney lawyer Nick Eddy. This haven of H2O is not ostentation or extravagant, but an understated, elegant room that washes the days worries away. Nick was gracious to share a few insights into his personal, favourite space.

“My bathroom! It’s the only room in the house where the phone doesn’t ring. Surprisingly, it’s also the perfect room to keep orchids alive!”

Why is it your favourite room?

Nick Eddy

It’s a peaceful room. Very nice, sunny, and carries on the art deco feel of the rest of my home. My bathroom is like a retreat – the perfect place to unwind, and a great place to think.

How does your favourite room represent who you are?

Tidy and pretty minimal, just like me. I renovated about two years ago and added some lovely features. I love the lights bedside the Ralph Lauren mirror, the marble sinks and English taps are beautiful and elegant. All the finishes fit the neutral palette theme of the house and the silver accents add that bit of class. There’s also a heated towel rack and simple mosaic tiles – very simplistic.

What do you like most about your bathroom?

Without a doubt, my favourite aspect is the shower. I can’t focus or start my day without a shower. When I renovated, the bath was the first thing to go – I haven’t had a bath since I was about six!

The shower, made by English company Perrin & Rowe, has two shower heads and is very soothing as it completely covers you with water.

If you could invite anyone into your bathroom, who would it be?

No one! I’ll keep my bathroom for myself thank you! Plus, if I did say whom I’d like in my bathroom, it might be incriminating.

What would you change about your favourite room?

Nick Eddy

Absolutely nothing. It’s timeless.

What advice would you give on how to create the perfect space?

You definitely have to think about your renovation very carefully first. After you’ve thought it through, then just DO IT – without hesitation. If you go for it, you’ll never regret it.

My other piece of advice is that you shouldn’t imitate what’s trending otherwise in a few years time it will look hideous!