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EXPLORE all the trends – from styling to sell, the importance of art, the latest design trends, the iconic feature wall and many other ideas including what’s the latest out there…. This section will help you dress your home, throw new ideas at you and inspire you to experiment with “tried and tested” guidelines that I’m sure will arm you with the best advice to sell your property and enjoy life.

The 2014 Sydney Real Estate Review


2014 was a record breaking year for real estate. With more houses and units sold (nearly 500,000 nationwide) than ever before and prices going through the roof, the numbers are definitely worth reviewing.  Check out our 2014 Sydney Real Estate Review below:

The 2014 sydney real estate review

The 2014 sydney real estate review



ONE thing to love about this time of year is the amount of tennis and cricket on view – and how passionately the kids become involved. Makes you think, is it time for a room makeover to transform a boy’s room to incorporate his young man’s passions?

Boy's Bedroom 3


Face it; he’s not your little boy anymore. Yes, I know he is growing up way too quickly, but there’s no denying it: your son is now taller, stronger and most definitely smellier than you! So how do you transform a boy’s room into a pre-teen’s retreat? The first thing you DON’T do is give your hormonally charged bouncing boy carte blanche – otherwise you might end up with a room that resembles a dungeon! But with a little planning and cooperation, you can work together to bring a little style and create a room that will reflect the person he is growing into.

Sports mad

Boy's Bedroom 1Photo:

Australians are sport-mad! And, you’ve probably sat through umpteenth training sessions, Saturday morning cricket and after-school footy games. An easy way to bring his passion for sports into his living space is to incorporate his obsession –whatever the sport may be – into the decor. An easy and striking method is to paint the walls in your son’s favourite team colours. Bold stripes make a great statement and will match any other accessories or paraphernalia your son already has. Matching bed sheets and pillows can continue the theme, but be careful not to pick anything too juvenile. A fabulous way to add art to the walls is to frame a jersey! And, don’t neglect the medals and trophies collecting dust. Create a feature wall using bookshelves to show-off his achievements.

The final frontier

The telescope is collecting dust and the old solar-system mobile is missing a few planets. But, your young man is still a science nut. Throw away the galaxy-print linen and create a more grown up vibe. A framed periodic table of elements poster is both stylish and educational. Another black and white framed print of one of his science heroes (say, Albert Einstein) will add sophistication. Magnified electron microscope images of bacteria are also fascinating and certainly a talking point. And don’t forget a smart bookshelf along with a mini-step ladder for his growing book collection. Science beakers come in all shapes and sizes and can double up as pencil holders and chic accessories.

Totally addicted to bass

Boy's Bedroom 2


Whether he’s in the school band or he aspires to be a DJ, music is what gets him up in the morning (or even keeps him locked away in this room for hours)! Get rid of the ratty band posters and look for other memorabilia such as old concert ticket, T-shirts or drumsticks, you’d be surprised what you’ll find on online auctions sites. Again, framing these and adding plaques really add a further dimension. Vinyl records can be bought cheaply and can create wonderful artworks with a little imagination. Decals of music notes, a wallpaper-border with a music theme or even a mural can transform boring walls. Don’t forget some funky lighting and “Keep out” sign on the door!

Whatever your boy’s passion, it’s important to listen to what he likes (it’s his room after all), work within a budget and remember his tastes – just like his moods – are guaranteed to change!

How to host the perfect Australia Day party


Australia Day lamingtonThe smell of barbeques waft through the air and EVERYONE has the day off work. Dress code is anything ‘green and gold’ or an Aussie flag over togs. It’s a day of celebration, food, drinks and friends. So you’ve decided it’s your turn to host this year’s party. If you aren’t well prepared, a celebration can easily turn into a nightmare – especially if Sydney decides to turn on one of its freakish summer thunderstorms.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you host a smashing event!

Think about the space

It’s easy to get carried away with inviting your friends to a few fun drinks, but before you go inviting your 647 friends on Facebook and all the Twittersphere, think about how much space you have. Will you host your party outside? Do you have a backyard, courtyard or balcony? The last thing you want is for your guests to feel crowded. If there are too many bodies and not enough chairs, everyone will feel uncomfortable.

If you’re happy to have guests inside, be mindful of valuables (people get clumsy after a few drinks) and your floors (red wine is impossible to get out of most carpets!)

To BYO or not… that is the question

Hosting an intimate gathering can soon blow out of proportion. Once you buy drinks and snacks and maybe a few desserts and a fruit platter the dollars add up. So, before you send out the invites, decide what you will provide. If you expect your guests to bring their own drinks and a plate to share, be clear. Otherwise, people will assume you will provide all. It’s a good idea to assign a ‘plate’ to certain guests so you don’t end up with five pavlovas (although that’s not necessarily a bad thing!). Most people will bring a bottle of plonk anyway but if you do decide you’d like to provide all drinks and foods, DON’T scrimp. As with everything you do in and around your home, do it with style and class. No one likes a cheap host.

The weather

It’s the middle of a Sydney summer so there are two main things to be mindful of:

1) Hot, hot, hot – ensure there is adequate shade if you’re hosting outside and air conditioning if inside.

2) Thunderstorms – an outdoor shelter when it starts to rain or allowing your guests (possibly with muddy feet) to come inside.

AND the mozzies…

Cans of insect repellent, coils, and zappers are a necessity!

And finally, have fun!

Aussie Aussie Aussie…

It’s an Australian Christmas!


Walking in a winter wonderland isn’t exactly what comes to mind when celebrating an Australian Christmas! We’re more about slapping on the sun screen, jumping in the pool or ocean for a swim and firing up the BBQ. We’ve got a few more interesting Australian Christmas facts and figures for you to share around the BBQ these holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

An Australian Christmas

An Australian Christmas