Styling your house for Christmas

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ONE of the free pleasures at Christmas time is driving around your suburb (or even farther away) to find the most merrily decorated house. Light, life-sized nativity scenes, gaudy snowmen, Santas hanging on precariously to chimneys and, of course, the lights are just some of the things you’ll come across in the suburbs.

It is easy to get carried away especially when it brings the community together and spreads such happiness, but sometimes it can go very, very wrong! There are a couple of tips to safeguard you from going under or overboard with your Christmas house decorations, and as always the key is to remain true to your style!

Don’t be a Grinch!

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If you live in a street where traditionally every house is decorated then JUST DO IT! Even if you aren’t religious or a bit of a scrooge, don’t ‘bah humbug’ and ruin everyone’s joy. You don’t need to spend a lot of money either. Discount stores and Christmas warehouses have a plethora of decorations that suits every budget. And, if you’re worried about electricity bills, you can switch on your lights for only peak periods.

If you’re going to do it, do it right

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A lazily hung string of lights with a few blown bulbs strewn over a bush in your front yard is just horrible. Nothing screams laziness louder! So, if you decide on decorating, then do it with style and creativity. Stick to a plan or a theme and be mindful of how long it will take to set up and take down once Christmas is over for another year.

Safety first

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We’ve all seen that movie where Clark Griswold spends many hours stringing thousands of lights only to fall off the room and spark a fire. You DON’T want to do that! Ensure you use outdoor lights and that your safety switch is functional.

Have fun

It’s only for a few short weeks so have fun with decorating. Think outside the square and allow your house to stand out (for all the right reasons!). Children of all ages – yes even the older ones – enjoy seeing the different displays. Use what you already have to enhance your decorations; trees, fountains, fences, balconies and chimneys etc. Window displays are always a crowd-pleaser and nicely protected from the elements.

Enjoy this happy, festive time of year. Dress your house for the party season and share the magical Christmas spirit!

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