Kitchen Styling – 4 things to do before you sell

As they say… kitchens sell houses! As a space that brings family and friends together, it’s high on the list of any potential buyer so you need to ensure yours looks it’s absolute best before listing your home. Here’s a few tips that can be applied to any kitchen, whatever it’s shape or size. 

1. Clear your bench tops: Before doing anything else, declutter. Remove everything from the benchtops. Put small and large appliances in cupboards or storage. A clutter free kitchen will look more spacious and allow you to give it a good clean – which is also essential. Scrub every surface, including your oven and built in appliances. A clean kitchen will give the impression of a well-maintained home.

2. Make small repairs: Kitchen renovations can be expensive and take time, but some minor repairs will go a long way. Replace damaged hardware, fix leaking taps, if your cabinets are in bad condition or very dated, you may consider painting them. Likewise, a new benchtop can give your entire kitchen a new look. Don’t go overboard but make sure what you’ve got is in the best condition possible. 

3. Organise your cupboards: You also need to give attention to what’s inside your cupboards and drawers. Remove everything and cull what you no longer use or need. Replace everything neatly. Organised cupboards give the impression of ample storage space. 

4. Simple styling: With kitchen styling, less is more. Choose a few simple accessories such as a beautiful serving dish or tray, layered with utensils or napery. Play with different materials and textures to create different looks. We especially love adding greenery or a floral arrangement and if there’s wall space, an artwork in a kitchen is an unexpected and lovely point of interest. 

Article by Spatial Property Styling. For more detailed and bespoke advice regarding your property, contact one of their Senior Stylists on 9417 7193.

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