Trick or Treat
You’d better not venture out on 31st October – you never know what will be lurking to eat your brains or cast a spell on you!

Halloween is one trend that has swept both young and old alike in its sheer whimsicality, and has gained popularity tremendously in Sydney in recent years. Originally an American tradition, we’ve adopted celebrating Halloween, and as we always do as Aussies, we’ve put our own twist on it! While it may not be as big on our shores, more communities are becoming involved in donning costumes, handing out lollies to trick-or-treaters and even dressing their homes up in the (ghoulish) spirit!


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As with all decorations (whether for Christmas, Easter, Halloween or other special events), keeping it tasteful and easy to remove is key. But, if you’re going to decorate your homes, do it properly!

DO use pumpkins and lights! They are charming and go well together.
DON’T use fake blood! It’s horrible.

House 3

It is lovely to see whole streets, neighbours coming together to celebrate and create some lovely memories. Events like these are not always about the actual day, but about building relationships within your community and given everyone a sense of belonging. And, ALWAYS dress up – whether you’re young or old!

And remember, while the kids LOVE lollies and chocolates, limit the number you give out. A good idea is to pre-prepare lolly bags so they’re not flying around on a sugar high until the early hours!

Look out for Morticia…. You never know who’s hiding under the wig!

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