Evolution of the Green Wall

Source: http://www.lovethispic.com/image/59122/green-walls

Source: http://www.lovethispic.com/image/59122/green-walls

LUSCIOUS and vibrant Green Walls evoke life, energy and exuberance. Welcome to a trend that will continue to grow (pardon the pun) and gain fans due to the sheer beauty and practicality of it. A recent trend, it has flourished in popularity and presence. The great thing about establishing a Green Wall is that you are only limited by your own imagination. So, visit nurseries, take a walk around your suburb and look through magazines for inspiration and get your green thumbs working.

How to get started

Source: http://tokyo-diy-gardening.org/category/garden-types/vertical-gardens/green-walls/

Source: http://tokyo-diy-gardening.org/category/garden-types/vertical-gardens/green-walls/

Any outside wall will do, even better if it’s an ugly wall you want to cover up! Think about the atmosphere you want to create, and just like the way you style the inside of your home, take into account the colours, dimensions and the infrastructure you have to work with.

DO plant evergreens. This will ensure your Green Wall stays green year round.
DON’T grow anything spiky or thorny. The last thing you want is to avoid being near your living wall for fear of being pricked!

Creating the perfect display

Before buying a lot of plants, think about the overall impression you want your Green Wall to exude. Are you after an edible garden? Maybe one that is fragrant? Flowering or low maintenance? Personally, I am not a fan of native plants and I don’t think they work well or look particularly attractive for a feature wall.

Succulents If you are looking for something hard, succulents are great and very low maintenance. They come in a variety of shapes and colours – some even flower!
FlowersJasmine is a great choice if you want a fragrant addition to your outdoor living areas: everybody loves the sweet scent of jasmine wafting through the night breeze!
Edible Another idea – one I truly love – is growing an edible Green Wall filled with all your favourite herbs. Basil, parsley, sage, coriander – whatever you use in your kitchen! There’s nothing more satisfying than snipping off some rosemary to add to your lamb roast or picking off a few mint leaves to throw into your mojito!

Adding other elements

source: http://www.greenovergrey.com/living-walls/overview.php

source: http://www.greenovergrey.com/living-walls/overview.php

When you’re furnishing the inside of your house, it’s the extra touches that make a room complete. The same rule goes for your outdoor living area. Creating a Green Wall is not only about the living elements, but the added pieces that bring it all together.

THINK decorative pots and planters. Chose pieces with complementing textures, materials and colours. Wall mounted planters can blend in to create a seamless living artwork.
MIRRORS work well to add an extra dimension and produce a feeling of space.
LIGHTS can be both practical and whimsical introducing and allow you to enjoy your Green Wall at night. Be adventurous and inventive. Incorporate an element that is certain to be a talking (and selling) point for your home.

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